- 1/27/2020

     Wishing everyone Happy New Year 2020!!!
     In reference to my last newsletter article, I was wishing Rose Connors to feel better, but as you all know Rose did pass away.  She will be missed tremendously; she was a feisty lady and was loved by all.  Rose was the Auxiliary Secretary for many, many years and now I have taken her position and hope I can make her proud. RIP Rose.

     We have many new changes and updates here at the Cove, come on in and check it out.  We still have ceiling tiles available for sale and they look so nice.
     There are nights people randomly come in and play euchre, or LRC (dice game), or listen to music, but whatever it is we all have a good time.  
     Please check out the monthly calendars and flyers for upcoming events, and we appreciate any kind of help with these events that you may be able to do.
Diane C. Silvers
Cove Manager