How to find a COVD-19 vaccine in Michigan

- 3/19/2021

Finding a COVID-19 vaccine is getting easier in Metro Detroit.
The race to vaccinate people in Michigan is picking up steam, with more than 25% in the state having received at least one dose.
We’ve been tracking all of the important info on vaccines on Local 4 and ClickOnDetroit. Here’s what you need to know.
📝 Finding an appointment:
• Local departments: Vaccines are being distributed to local health departments — you can find a list of departments who are open for appointments here.
• Hospitals: Major hospital systems like Beaumont, Henry Ford and others are offering vaccinations to patients. Find a list of links to each hospital system here.
• Ford Field: Michigan’s regional mass vaccination site will be at Ford Field in Detroit, with vaccinations starting on March 24. You can register for an appointment here.
• Pharmacies: CVS, Rite Aid and Kroger Pharmacy are expanding vaccines around the state.
There are various ways to request an appointment, including by phone. Here’s a list of the six ways Michigan residents can sign up for a vaccine.

Appointments are based on vaccine supply, and while supply is increasing, you can still expect some delays and backlogs, depending on where you live.
💉 Who is eligible and when?
Right now, if you are 50 or older with certain medical conditions, you are eligible for a vaccine.
Starting March 22, anyone 50 or older, and people 16-49 with certain medical conditions will become eligible for a vaccine.
Starting April 5, all areas of the state will be allowed to vaccinate all adults over the age of 16.
☝️ Questions or concerns? Ask the doc

If you’re unsure about getting a vaccine, have a question or a concern, submit it to Local 4’s Dr. Frank McGeorge. He’s been answering big questions on vaccines and COVID-19. Read the list of FAQs and answers here.
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